Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ziplining Adventures in Hawaii

Sometimes we may want to have an unbelievable adventure, with some heart-racing activity, yet still remain in a somewhat safe zone.  What about zip-lining in Hawaii?  There are quite a few different locations on the Islands to experience this kind of an adventure.  We at Discount Hawaii Car Rental (www.discounthawaiicarrental.com) have quite a bit of information on each of these locations in the news blog on our company website.
“How would I know if this is something I could do?” is often the question asked.  There are some age and weight restrictions which vary by location and company, and some health considerations that may restrict you from being able to participate.  Other than that – it looks like any normal healthy individual can go!!!  There is often a bit of hiking required to get from one zipline to the next, and each company describes their own situations/requirements quite well.

Long pants and stable shoes for hiking, possibly rain gear, and a swimsuit for the secluded pools along the way are some of the clothing/gear recommendations.  A camera and/or a video camera would be ideal, as long as it could be secured firmly to your person, as I doubt it would ever be found if it was dropped along the way.

This could be a great way to entertain the older kids and provide an experience not necessarily available back home.
It is always important to remember not to leave valuables in your rental car while you are away experiencing any adventure.


  1. Awesome!! I'm so excited to go and we were definitely going to try ziplining. We're going in May, 2011.

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